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Prewo is among the leading tapping machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. The Prewo range of bench tapping machines are equipped with special bearings, rugged custom designed motors and reliable branded electrical parts for economical high precision production tapping. Prewo tapping machines can be fitted with Multi-Spindle Heads designed as per your requirement. Adjustable Multi-Spindle Heads can also be fiited to allow variations of pitch circle diameter within specified ranges. Prewo precision tapping machine is renowned in India for its high quality.

  • The machine is tested for accuracy and conforms to Indian Standard IS : 2426
  • Spindle, shafts and gears are made of high grade alloy steel, case hardened and precision ground.
  • Columns are made of medium carbon steel.
  • Wide range of selectable spindle speeds depending on the component to be tapped.
  • Speed controlled by pulley drive.
  • Accurate tapping of a wide range of materials including aluminium and steel.
  • Special anti-corrosive paint.
  • Repeat and single cycle.
Optional Accessories
Pitch gears for different pitches Pneumatic operated Indexing fixture
Standard tap holder with one no. of collet Hydraulically operated Indexing fixture
Floating tap holder with one no. of colle Production table (Sp. Cast Iron table)
Collets of different sizes Coolant system
Multi-spindle head Coolant system with magnetic separator
L.H. conversion kit Swarf tray
Hand operated sliding fixture Splash guard
Hand operated indexing fixture Floor tray
Fabricated stand Special column, Base

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